Missing Woman Found Alive in Sunken Jeep Spotted by Fisherman on Texas Lake


After police were alerted that a black Jeep was sinking in the Lake o’ the Pines in Marion County, Texas, they made a shocking discovery. When a tow truck was brought out to the lake, it was discovered that a woman was alive inside.

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The vehicle was found in the water 40 feet from shore. It was reported that the fisherman who first notified authorities of the sinking vehicle accompanied a tow truck driver to the scene, using his boat to bring the two to the Jeep so they could attach a tow cable to the vehicle. “It was at that time they saw the woman,” according to Capt. Chuck Rogers.

Woman Trapped In Sinking Jeep

When the fisherman and the tow-truck driver found the woman still alive inside the Jeep, they successfully rescued her from the vehicle and pulled her onto the fisherman’s boat. The unidentified woman was shortly taken to the hospital after an ambulance was called. Rogers told NPR that “We do not know how long the Jeep was in the water… There was nothing uncovered during the investigation to suggest this case was anything more than an accident.”

The Marion County Sheriff Office stated, “During the incident, it was determined the woman was listed as a missing person from the Longview Texas Police Department.” An investigation is currently being held to discover what caused the woman to end up trapped in her sinking Jeep, but officials assume it was an accident. It is suspected that the woman accidentally drove into the lake after ending up on a boat ramp that is directly adjacent to a rural road.

Police have said that they are currently forbidden to reveal details other than what was already stated. Longview Police Department records administrator Melissa Dobbs stated, “Given the details of this case, we are unable to release any information at this time.”

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