Check your receipts: some retailers are still charging that pesky soda tax AP Photo/Matt Rourke
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Hey, remember that soda tax? Gee, wasn’t that a great time to be alive? Well, apparently some retailers are already nostalgic for it.

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The much-loathed penny-per-sweetened-ounce tax in Cook County has been dead for a month, but according to the Chicago Tribune, some outlets didn’t get the memo.

Dozens of complaints have been filed to the county, and while some of them turned out to be false flags, a handful of receipts show that some businesses still had the tax in effect.

One example includes Sean Kuppin, who was charged the tax at a Mobil gas station in the Northwest Side neighborhood Norridge for a 12-ounce Grapefruit Twist.

The real twist? Kuppin himself works at another gas station and spotted the tax immediately.

The clerk where he brought it from “played dumb” about the tax.

“It was just the principle,” Kuppin said. “How many other people get charged and don’t even notice?”

The tax was highly controversial when it came out in August and was quickly repealed. But the repeal was not without consequences. Originally 48 positions from the County were expected to be eliminated, but it turned out that over 300 people were laid off to make up for the budget deficit.

Larry Suffredin was one of two county commissioners in favor of the tax. “The most important role of a county commissioner is to pass a yearly budget that meets the needs of the residents and fairly balances services and costs,” he said at the time.

“I voted Wednesday — along with Commissioner Jerry Butler — to keep Cook County’s sweetened beverage tax because it was a tax on a small number of people rather than a general sales or property tax on all.”


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During the taxes short-lived lifespan, lawsuits were filed against Walgreens, McDonald’s, and other business for improper use of the tax.

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