Driving restrictions might prevent “Uber Mom” from spreading holiday cheer much longer

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s hard to find much to be positive about during this recent coldsnap, when every moment outside is blistering agony. But one Uber driver has been doing her best to at least bring a little bit of joy to the riders who are lucky enough to be picked up by her.

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The CTA Holiday Train may be done for the season but Anita (aka “Uber Mom”) is doing her best impression of it with a minivan decked out with a Christmas tree, candy canes, and even holiday movies playing on a screen.

“Sometimes I get people in here that’s had a rough day and I’d just like to give them some words of encouragement,” she said. “I thought it would be awesome to get other Uber riders to add to my collection.”

Passengers can write notes to leave for future passengers to be inspired by. She’ll even offer passengers a hug if they need a little extra pick me up. Unfortunately, it takes more than good cheer to continue to drive for Uber.

Anita, a single mother of three, lives in Peoria, where drivers are required to have a vehicle less than ten years old. The van hits that mark next month.

If you’re looking to spread a little positive vibes yourself, you can contribute to the GoFundMe page set up by her friends to help her get a new van.

With any luck, “Uber Mom” will continue to spread her positive life outlook beyond the holiday season.

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While Anita’s story is a bit more uplifting, Uber has had more than a rough go of it in Chicago. Different drivers have been accused of sexual harassment and another driver was nearly carjacked recently.

This comes after Uber rides have become more expensive and Rahm’s claims that Uber along with other rideshare services are costing Chicago taxpayers millions of dollars.

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