An animal cruelty investigation is underway in Montgomery County, after officials allegedly discovered five emaciated horses on a piece of property.

They were reportedly too late to save at least one of the horses, discovered dead at the scene.

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Authorities said they first entered the property, located in the 20300 block of Canterbury Lane in Porter, on September 28, there responding to reports of animal cruelty.

They said the deceased horse, a mare, is believed to be the mother of a colt found emaciated to the point of death.

“This young horse was also emaciated, could not stand on its own and was barely alive,” the sheriff’s office provided in a press release on the discovery. “Deputies noticed that two other horses on the property were in a state of declining health.”

The remaining horses were reportedly seized by the county.

Shortly after they entered the care of a vet, authorities said the colt died due to his condition; vets said he starved to death.

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“Animal cruelty is an intolerable crime,” Sheriff Rand Henderson said in the statement. “With so many wonderful people and groups in our county that are willing, ready and able to step in to assist with the care of pets and livestock, it is shameful that anyone would allow conditions like these to exist.”

Aside from the mother and colt, two other horses were suffering declining health.

This is a developing story.


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