Christopher Scarver: The Man Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer

Milwaukee Police Department

At this point and time, everyone knows of Jeffrey Dahmer. If you don’t t know the details, you at least know his name. To cut to the chase, he was a serial killer and cannibal. And quite possibly racist since a majority of his murders occurred to black people. Then again, he could have been a fetishist, which is probably just as bad.

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The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, was raised in the early 1960s in a middle-class family. He’d become obsessed with morbid themes and death very early on. By the time he was in high school, and his family had moved to Ohio, he was a loner and an alcoholic and fantasized about raping other men.

Who Was Jeffrey Dahmer?

His first murder, a hitchhiker named Steven Mark Hicks, occurred shortly afterward. Did he rape him? Probably. But likely only after he was dead. After high school Dahmer’s crimes only got worse; he shortly attended and dropped out of Ohio State University, joined the US Army, and was discharged for alcoholism, not for raping other soldiers… but that did happen. The short of his situation consists of masturbating in front of kids, drugging and raping men, and, of course, killing people. Oh, and eating them at times, storing them in the freezer for later. Yum?

This all came to an end when he lured in his final victim, Tracy Edwards, who told Dahmer he could take nude pictures of him. When Dahmer had him handcuffed, Edwards knew something was up. He managed to escape and alert the police. At Dahmer’s trial, he pled guilty to all of his 15 charges. and he received 15 lie sentences, plus 70 years. Only he didn’t t quite make it that far.

Enter Christopher Scarver.

​Christopher Scarver

Scarver, like serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And he was an inmate at Columbia Correctional Institution. It was located in Portage, Wisconsin, and he was there for killing the man that would be his boss, Steve Lohman, for not having paid him enough. Scarver shot his boss in the head point-blank and was later arrested at his girlfriend’s apartment building. He was taking a breather before turning himself in. He told the officers he knew what he did was wrong and willingly accepted his life sentence. This was the same year the Milwaukee Cannibal was given life imprisonment.

Christopher J. Scarver and Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t cross paths often. But Scarver noticed him after Dahmer’s year of solitary confinement. He told his family he was a born-again Christian and was repentant. Scarver, on the other hand, saw the cannibal using ketchup to replicate limbs to scare fellow inmates. One fateful day three inmates were assigned to clean the prison gym: Jesse Anderson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and yep, Mr. Scarver. Scarver claimed that someone poked him in the back. He didn’t’ t know who it was, but he took a 20-inch metal bar (you know, because gyms are practically made of metal ) and cornered Dahmer, saying: “I asked him if he did those things ’cause I was fiercely disgusted.”

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

After that, he all-hell wailed on Dahmer and knocked his lights out. Dahmer was taken to the hospital, where he died. Scarver was given two more life sentences. He is now in Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado. When asked about killing the cannibal, he cited a couple of reasons. Number 1, prison foods are heavy with refined sugar and bread. He said they caused him to have a psychotic break. Which…maybe could be true.

We all know that those things aren’t great for us. Mr. Scarver also said that he suspected that the guards left him alone with Dahmer because they knew he didn’t like him, and they secretly wanted him dead. In the time that has passed, Scarver has taken some time to work on new passions. Mainly the poetry book he published in 2015. You can find his book, God Seed: Poetry of Christopher J. Scarver, on Amazon to read his new perspective on life and see what he rhymes with “Dahmer.”

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