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R&B legend Lionel Richie has been with his current partner for almost ten years. At 73, the four-time Grammy Award-winning artist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee has had his fair share of life and love experiences. But he certainly hasn’t lost his sex appeal! Meet model and entrepreneur Lisa Parigi, Lionel Richie’s girlfriend who is 40 years his junior.

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Lionel Richie Has Been Married & Divorced Twice & Has Three Children

Prior to meeting his current love, Lionel Richie was married twice. He married his high school sweetheart Brenda Harvey in 1975, prior to the height of his solo music career. They adopted Nicole Richie when she was a toddler because they were friends with her parents, who couldn’t afford to raise a child. Yes, that is the same Nicole Richie who became super famous alongside Paris Hilton in The Simple Life and went on to become a fashion designer, author, and philanthropist. Richie and Harvey divorced in 1993.

After a dramatic divorce from Harvey, Lionel Richie married actress Diane Alexander in 1995. Although they, too divorced in 2004, the former couple had two biological children together. Miles was born on May 27, 1994. He’s now a model and, like Nicole, has been in and out of the tabloids over the years. Richie and Alexander’s daughter, Sofia, was born on August 24, 1998. Like her brother Miles, Sofia is a model. She is also a fashion designer and social media influencer.

Lionel Richie took some time off from love after his second divorce, as far as the public is aware. Rumors ignited in 2009 after he was spotted on a date with Chinese-American actress Bai Ling. However, Bai Ling told Howard Stern in 2011 that they were just “good friends,” and that Richie was one of her biggest supporters when she got out of rehab.

Lionel Richie Met Lisa Parigi Shortly After His Career Comeback

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 04: Lisa Parigi (L) and Lionel Richie attends Elton John AIDS Foundation 26th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party at The City of West Hollywood Park on March 4, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Venturelli/Getty Images for Bulgari)

In 2012, Richie released Tuskegee, his tenth studio album. Tuskegee proved Richie was very much still in the game, garnering Billboard Music and American Music Award nominations. But that wasn’t his only comeback. The next year, he met the gorgeous and intelligent Lisa Parigi.

Lisa Parigi Is a Multi-Hyphenate Entrepreneur (and Incredibly Gorgeous!)

Lisa Parigi was born on September 30, 1989, in Switzerland. Her parents were of Chinese, Caribbean, and Swiss descent, which is how she was blessed with her jaw-dropping appearance. Raised in Switzerland, Parigi is fluent in English, German, French, and Schwiizertüütsch (Swiss-German). She’s worked in the tech industry and is currently an art NFT collector, investor, lifestyle entrepreneur, and internationally-recognized model.

Parigi and Richie Met at a Mutual Friend’s Dinner Party

When she was in her early 20s, she decided to take a break from work in the tech field and go travel to California. She told Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia that she was a random and unplanned dinner party by a mutual friend of hers and Richie’s. He was there too, and the rest is history.

“We get introduced to each other, and it was, what can I tell you, it was very organic and very random, but we had great conversations, we spoke all night long about everything, and yet it was, you know, the universe, I don’t know, here we are. And it’s been beautiful so far, and what can I say,” Parigi told BAZAAR.

For Lionel Richie, a self-professed “hopeless romantic,” the meeting ignited something deep.

“I’m a man who’s been through the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs of love,” Richie told People in 2019. “[Parigi is] extremely beautiful, but most importantly she’s smart and helps me deal with my crazy world… At this time in my life when you can be so jaded about things, [my girlfriend] Lisa kind of makes everything feel a bit safe.”

Lionel Richie’s Sweet Girlfriend Is His Baby [Dog] Momma

Lionel Richie and his gorgeous girlfriend Lisa Parigi have been going strong for about a decade now. She’s often seen by her famous partner’s side at red carpet and philanthropic events over the years. She also shares some glimpses of their life on social media. Whether they’re traveling to exotic locales, watching a sports game, or being sweet on each other, Richie and Parigi always seem serene and at ease with each other. The love is genuine and palpable — they reciprocate a glow that only comes from within. The couple also shares a dog, Sylvester Richie, whose life is documented via his own Instagram page.

Lisa Parigi Gets On Well With Lionel Richie’s Children

In 2017, Lionel Richie posted a family photo from his ceremony for the Kennedy Center Honor Award. Lisa Parigi was there alongside Richie and his proud children. The moment prompted People to ask the question about popping the question (again).

“There’s always big plans,” Richie responded. “Do I have an exact time on this? Oh, hell no. I don’t. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure.”

It’s clear that Parigi is on good terms with Richie’s kids, which bodes well for the thought of wedding bells. She was spotted with the whole family partying on Lionel’s birthday, and has expressed adoration for Sofia on her birthday as well.

“You light up every room you walk into & your laugh is contagious. Celebrating you always… Birthday Queen,” wrote Parigi. “Love u so much Sof.”

Her Favorite Lionel Richie Song Is “Stuck on You”

Lisa Parigi is also a fan of Lionel Richie’s music. When BAZAAR asked what her favorite song of his was, she gave a sweet answer.

“There are so many iconic songs, and they’re all, wow, I would say between ‘Endless Love’ or ‘Stuck On You,’” she said, eventually choosing the latter. “The lyrics, the melody, and although I go to literally almost every show, each time, it feels like I’m hearing it for the first time, so it captivates me, and it feels special.”

Whether or not Lionel Richie asks his girlfriend to be his wife someday, it doesn’t seem to matter too much. The couple is loving life together, and Lisa Parigi has found her own success. You can check out her various projects via her page and see for yourself!

“There are so many things that are still in the works, but maybe to just share a few, I’ve been invited as an advisor to a few different blockchain-based projects; this is super exciting as I am very passionate about this space,” Parigi told BAZAAR. “I’m also looking forward to investing in upcoming start-ups and new ideas and just seeing what else is possible for all of us to develop in the Web3 space.”

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