A black swan in Bavaria, Germany, lost her mate last year. Groundskeepers for the Rosenau Palace lake believe her mate might have been eaten by a fox “based on bones and feathers they later discovered.”

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Local officials decided to find a new partner for the lonesome animal.

They posted a lonely hearts ad, which spoke of “Rosenau’s 2-hectare (4.54 acres) lake and newly built ‘swan house,’ as well as winter quarters with water access.” They also specified that the swan’s sex “was not important.”

Soon enough, they got a response from a swan breeder in nearby Ingolstadt.

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While no one knows the new mate’s gender yet — it is only 1 year old and “swans must be at least three years old before they can be definitively sexed as male or female.” — the two swans are so far getting along quite swimmingly.

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