Reporter Hit by Flying Tree Branch on Live Hurricane Ian Report

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Reporting for television is seemingly among the cushiest jobs one could have. That is often the case for weather reporters — who have earned a reputation of being wrong about half the time.

So, some may say, weathermen and women don’t even need to be good at their jobs.

But before we get too critical, just know that reporting on weather conditions can be hazardous to your health. Meteorologist Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel learned this first hand when coming to you live from Ground Zero in Florida, as Hurricane Ian made its way to land.

Cantore was in the midst of doing a live man-on-the-street report in 61 mph winds when he was blown backward. At the same time, a tree branch whipped across the street, hit Cantore in the leg, and knocked him off his feet. Gusts were said to have reached 110 mph (and have since climbed considerably).

Cantore emerged OK, and later added another report — only this time, from a balcony above the hurling elements.

“We have come up here for safety from the surge…and where we were earlier, it looks like there’s three or four feet of water,” he said. “Waves crashing over the area from earlier this morning.

“This is one of the worst hurricanes I have ever been in. It may be the worst in terms of covering over 25 years and 90 storms.

“It looks like a North Atlantic Ocean storm here in Fort Myers. The ocean, the river and the gulf has taken over everything.”

So reporting on the elements? You may not always have to be right, but you do have to be brave.

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