83-Year-Old Becomes Father, Knows Time With Child Is Short

An 83-year-old man just had a baby with his 35-year-old wife, and he knows he doesn’t have much time. Dr. Alberto Cormillot of Argentina and his wife, Estefania Pasquini, got pregnant right after she started getting fertility treatments.

Estefania is a nutritionist and Dr. Cormillot is an internationally published author and doctor who focuses primarily on health topics. The couple share a 9-month-old baby boy, Emilio. Dr. Cormillot has two sons with his previous late wife and three grandchildren.

Dr. Cormillot says that one of the things he does to make the most of his short time on the planet with Emilio is leave his mementos to stumble across in the future. He leaves him voice recordings using WhatsApp and while at work.

“Life is not infinite.”

“I’m aware that life is not infinite. That little guy’s here and I’m going to accompany him until a certain moment,” says Dr. Cormillot. “Until that happens, I plan to enjoy every day to the fullest and make plans that are more short-term which means I enjoy every day as fully as I can. I’m encouraging him to crawl for example.”

Emilio has a Chinese tutor who comes to play with him and communicate with him in the foreign language. Dr. Cormillot says that because Chinese will likely be “the language of the future,” the early exposure to hearing it will help Emilio learn it if he wishes to when he’s older.

Dr. Cormillot is constantly posting about his parenting philosophies on his Instagram, which has over 333,000 followers.

Dr. Cormillot’s Philosophy on Languages

“Why is it important to speak with boys and girls and share information with them?” he posted alongside a video with Emilio. “I share with you an interesting example of how to illustrate the relevance of this topic.”

In the video, Dr. Cormillot discusses “trying to see what is best for Emilio.” He finds ways to stimulate him and explains his thinking. He says a story comes to mind.

“Say there are three mothers and an eggplant,” he says. “They go to the market and the first mother passes with the cart in front of the eggplant.

“The boy asks, ‘what is that?’ and the mother doesn’t answer.

“The second mother is presented with the same question and answers, ‘that’s an eggplant but we don’t eat them.’

“And the third mother says, “look that’s an eggplant. It’s a purple vegetable.’ She takes it and gives it to the boy who is maybe 5, 6, 7 years old. They weigh the eggplant and see how much it weighs and how much it costs. They see how much it would cost them to buy. ‘It’s a little expensive,’ says the mom, ‘but you like meat a la parmesan and you’d like eggplant parmesan. You’re going to like it a lot, we’re going to buy it, bring it home, and prepare it.”

Early Exposure To Language Leads to Easier Mastery

Dr. Cormillot continues with the allegory. “Undoubtedly, this is the boy who is going to be more comfortable with language. At the age that this happened, the sooner the boy can understand complex things, the sooner the boy is exposed to more words, the easier he will be able to master the language as he gets older.”

Dr. Cormillot is resilient. He beat colon cancer after a diagnosis with the disease in 2012. And for the time being, he’s making sure to be present as much as he can with his little boy.

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