9 Wacky State Laws that Include Criminalizing Bigfoot’s Murder

Crazy state laws are sure to leave you pondering all kinds of questions, and yes, we can admit that they are quite hilarious to admire from afar. But if you live in any of these states below, then maybe you can elaborate more on how these laws came about and why they became enforced. See, I don’t live in any of these states, but trying to put myself in the shoes of these residents has me scratching my head as to how these would affect my everyday life.

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  1. We don’t care how hungry you Arkansas residents get late at night — you cannot honk your horn at a sandwich shop after 9 p.m. It’s illegal.
  2. Sorry, gym teachers. In Connecticut, you can’t blow a whistle outdoors unless you’re a cop.
  3. Neat freaks won’t be happy in Idaho. The state forbids sweeping dirt outside buildings.
  4. Make sure you’re careful how loud you’re singing if you’re anywhere public. In Massachusetts, it’s actually illegal if someone sings the national anthem in any other way than the original.
  5. Feeling feverish? It’s illegal to buy or sell mercury thermometers without prescriptions in Maine.
  6. If you’re a Bigfoot fanatic, beware of Washington. In this state, it’s illegal to kill Bigfoot, since the creature is considered an endangered species. Are they admitting that he’s actually real?  
  7. What the heck is going on in Oklahoma? The state felt the need to create a law that makes it illegal to promote, engage in, or work at bear wrestling or horse tripping events. (Horse tripping?!)
  8. Can you hold it? You need to in Oregon, where it’s against the law to throw human waste out of a car window. You can’t leave it on the side of a highway either.
  9. And in Utah, you cannot possess a container of beer larger than two liters. We won’t drink to that!

50 Weirdest Laws in the USA

Now these are just a few of the wacky laws that states have. Every state in the US is guilty of having some odd rules, and it’s all the more interesting to see what’s illegal in your state. But it’s also very informative, so I would do a double check, just in case.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on February 5, 2018.

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