“Mom posture” is real, so Tyson is trying to help me reverse the hunch

“Mom posture” is real! Lots of moms develop rounded shoulders after giving birth, leaving their bodies hunched.

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My grandmother had a hunchback, and I don’t want to have one too.

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I wanted to do some exercises to fix my rounded shoulders, but Tyson insisted on buying me a posture corrector. The brace is uncomfortable and looks strange, but it definitely makes me stand up a little straighter. It’s something I could maybe wear while I’m cleaning the house.

And it has another unexpected benefit — it makes my stomach look flatter! After all, abs and good posture work hand in hand.

So, good luck on correcting your mom posture! It’s not a bad thing that you have it, but let’s work together and do our best to reverse the hunch.

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