An Indiana Jones TV Show Is In The Works For Disney+

Even more adventures for lasso-wielding action hero may be on the way.

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After turning 80 years old in July, Harrison Ford might be busier than ever with his already-iconic acting career. While the legendary actor continues to insist he’s done playing Indiana Jones, it turns out even more adventures for the lasso-wielding action hero are on the way.

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The Return of Indiana Jones

Ford came out of retirement and agreed to a $65 million paycheck. Shooting for the fifth film began in June 2021 and ended in February of this year. The plot for the movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters in June 2023, is still under wraps.

Meanwhile, according to Variety, Disney+ is trying to develop a new TV show for the best-known archaeologist in entertainment. 

“The Mouse House and Lucasfilm have specifically been bringing up the possibility of a streaming show set in the world of the globe trotting archaeologist in general meetings with writers of late,” the report said.

The Variety report said the TV doesn’t have a writer yet, nor is it known whether the series would serve as a prequel to or spinoff of the Indiana Jones. It’s also unclear whether Harrison Ford will even appear in the series.

Indy on the Small Screen

Indiana Jones fans might recall another TV show tied to the action/adventure franchise.

After Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade succeeded commercially and critically, George Lucas declared the action hero’s storyline to be complete.

When Lucas shot Ford as Indiana Jones for the prequel TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, he cracked into a new storyline — involving aliens — for Ford. 

Unlike Last Crusade, the short-lived ABC show didn’t find favor with critics or fans. It only ran from March 4, 1992, to July 24, 1993.

Harrison Ford’s Full Plate

Believe it or not, Ford, 80, has multiple other projects on his plate. 

He’s making a comeback of sorts in the Yellowstone prequel 1923. 1923 is continuing the story from the previously released 1883. Ford is portraying Jacob Dutton and Mirren portrays his wife, Cara Dutton. 

As if that weren’t enough, Ford is set to star in Shrinking, an Apple TV+ project. Revolving around a grieving therapist (Ford) who decides to tell his clients what he really thinks, the comedy series is currently in production.

Finally, Ford is said to make his first appearance as Ross in Captain America 4. He may replace the late William Hurt, who portrayed General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in Marvel movies.

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