Britney Spears Speaks Out About TMZ Documentary: ‘The Media Has Always Been Cruel To Me’

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TMZ officially released their self-produced documentary titled Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom.

Calling Them Out

The film made some alarming statements about Britney Spears’ mental and physical health. It suggested that she is not in a good condition mentally, that she could be in danger, and that she hasn’t spoken with her teenage sons in over a year.

Britney Spears took to Instagram on Friday morning to deny the accusations made in a documentary and to criticize TMZ for being the worst celebrity news source.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Considering what happened to me during the conservatorship and how hard I work everyday to be a better person since it’s been over !!!” she began.

“The concern and just effort on TMZ’s part of being the trashiest news channel for news !!! Damn I’m flattered !!! These men who I have no idea who they are, are talking about me as if they have any right at all to do so !!!” she added.

The post continued: “My girlfriend called me and said ‘because I know you I was laughing at these men and what they were saying’ !!! But she also said it was really disturbing how incredibly conniving and foolish it was !!!”

“The media has always been cruel to me and most people probably wouldn’t even comment on it but I do think some people might believe this and I care !!!” she continued. “I almost feel like my life in the business has always been that girl at school who was bullied and laughed at !!! But in my case there is no superior person to set it straight !!!”

Butting Heads

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Britney Spears then spoke out against her father, Jamie Spears, who is responsible for her much-discussed conservatorship.

“My dad was supposedly the one who was supposed to protect my mind and heart from things of this matter but he was the main one who was secretly loving it !!!” she added.

She also shared a few updates about her upcoming memoir.

“I think some people are wanting to hear my story … either through a book or what have you ??? I’ve had to stop a couple of times !!! It may take me a year, maybe longer who knows … to share my story !!!” she wrote.

“My great grandmother told me two things that I will never forget !!!” she wrote. “People come here for two reasons … either for a lesson or a blessing and she said ‘Dear sweetheart the real key to happiness is to forget every f**king thing that ever happened’ !!! It’s a new day y’all !!!”

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