Chrissy Teigen Details Bizarre DNA Test Mishap That Sparked Belief in Having an Identical Twin Sister

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Chrissy Teigan was confused when a DNA test reported that she had an identical twin, but she was even more shocked when she found out who it was!

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Recently, the Cravings author recounted her bizarre experience with 23andMe’s genetic testing in an Instagram video. As part of her self-discovery journey, Teigan explained that she decided to do a little digging into her past. However, when she received her results, she found that she’d been matched with an identical twin who shared her exact genes!

Chrissy Teigan Thought She Had a Secret Twin

Immediately, the model began to investigate. She reached out to 23andMe, her doctor, and her dad in the hopes of figuring out what was going on.

“He starts laughing, saying ‘No,'” Teigan said of her father’s response, “‘I was there, there were not two of you.'”

Thankfully, Teigan’s sister Tina was able to clear things up. It turns out that the media personality had been previously tested for an episode of Finding Your Roots that never aired. To protect her identity, the tests were performed under a false name.

“You guys,” said Teigan, “My identical twin was myself.”

Although the mystery was eventually solved, the mom of three recounted that the period of confusion had her re-evaluating her life. She had been started to wonder how many of her mental health and addiction issues were caused by being separated from her twin.

Last month, Chrissy Teigan was forced to address a different question about her family, this time regarding her youngest daughter, baby Esti. Page Six reports that some commenters on social media claimed that the celebrity had not given birth to her child, but had used a surrogate. They also accused her of faking her pregnancy with a prosthetic stomach.

In response, Teigan shared a photo from her C-section on her Instagram story, proving that her pregnancy was 100% real. Esti was conceived using in-vitro feritlization, a decision which followed the tragic loss of Chrissy and husband John Legend’s previous baby, Jack.

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