Claire Danes Discusses Playing Diverse Mother Roles While Flaunting Baby Bump 

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On Tuesday, the actress attended the Fleishman Is in Trouble FYC event in L.A. with her husband and a very special guest – her baby bump.

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Life and Motherhood

Danes chatted with PEOPLE about how it feels to play different types of mothers while she herself is expecting her third child.

“I played quite unconventional moms and I’ve been very happy to do that,” she shared. “And I think one of the last remaining taboos is a mother who appears to abandon their children. I think there are very few people who we harsh more judgely than that. I think it’s important to consider why that might happen and there’s probably a much more complex reason than we initially think.”

During the event at Directors Guild of America Theater in West Hollywood, Danes talked about what drew her to the role that got her a Golden Globe nomination in 2023.

“Well, I really love how kind of repelling she seems initially,” she explained. “When I read the book, I was genuinely kind of surprised by how warped my perception initially was and how that I’ve got to enter these greater depths of and explore her pain. So I think playing with those different shades was a good challenge.”

Newest Arrivals

She commended several of her cast members, including Jesse Eisenberg, 39. “The cast was, is extraordinary. And most of my work was with Jesse, and he’s just so present and dextrous and generous and a total live wire. So it was just a joy to get to play with him.”

Danes talked about her other childrens’ reaction to her pregnancy on The Tonight Show. She noted that her oldest, Cyrus “was sort of resigned to it. I mean, the worst has already happened. His name is Rowan.”

“But Rowan has more to lose, he has more at stake,” she said of her second son. “He was categorically opposed to the idea.”

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