Kate Beckinsale Says Keanu Reeves Saved Her From Bodysuit Mishap at Cannes

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In a recent Instagram post, Underworld star Kate Beckinsale revealed that icon Keanu Reeves once saved her from a wardrobe malfunction. Beckinsale’s post consisted of a photo depicting herself and her co-stars at the 1993 premiere of the film Much Ado About Nothing at the Cannes Film Festival, accompanied by a very revealing caption.

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The caption revealed that while standing next to Reeves, Denzel Washington, and Robert Sean Leonard, Beckinsale almost made a very revealing mistake. However, the John Wick star also seems to be a hero in real life, after it was revealed that Reeves held down Beckinsale’s dress when she was experiencing a fashion mishap.

Keanu Reeves Prevented Embarrassing Moment For Kate Beckinsale

The post read, “So my mum DID find one of the original Cannes pictures but unfortunately it’s not full length so you can’t see the Dr Martens. Fun fact though: I had bought the bodysuit in the Sock Shop at the airport and when I got in the car to drive to the premiere with Denzel and Pauletta Washington, all the poppers in the crotch popped themselves open and it flipped up like a roller blind.”

The post continued, “I didn’t feel it was appropriate to go delving around in my undercarriage with all of us in the back of the car so I just quietly panicked. Walked out onto the biggest red carpet of my life and whispered to Keanu and Robert Sean Leonard what had happened. In this picture I am holding the front gusset down and the two of them are holding the back gusset. Absolute legends who may not even have fully understood the physics of what was happening or even heard the word “gusset” before, but both jumped in to save me no questions asked.”

Many Instagram users reacted to the revelation, including acclaimed actress Naomi Watts, who commented, “Hysterical.” Another Instagram user wrote “The casual ‘nothing to see here’ expressions are amazing. Well bloody done!” While a third person commented, “Was Keanu Reeves as cool back then as he is now?”


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