Katy Perry Responds to Viral Moment of Her Struggling to Find Her Seat at King Charles’ Coronation

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It’s a good thing Katy Perry knows how to play off an embarrassing moment.

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Although the pop star thrilled the audience with her performance at King Charles III’s Coronation Concert, the internet still can’t get over her mishap from the previous day. A video clip of a the confused singer trying to find her seat for the ceremony has gone viral on social media.

Joking with Entertainment Tonight after last Sunday’s episode of American Idol, Perry said, “Well, I just want everybody to know, thank you so much for your concern. I found my seat.”

On the moment’s widespread popularity online, the Teenage Dream singer had to laugh. “You know, the memes are meme-ing and I love it,” she said. “When you look when you look one way for fifteen seconds it’s just all of a sudden the internet takes over.”

Katy Perry Laughs About Getting Lost During Coronation

In honor of both Mother’s Day and American Idol‘s Disney Week, Katy Perry was dressed up as fan-favorite Pixar mom, Elastigirl from The Incredibles. The Prism singer spent the special holiday with her 2-year-old daughter, Daisy, who helped her get into character.

“We were watching the movie a couple of time this past week so I could really get into the mode and start talking like through the side of my mouth, which I still can’t get, but it was awesome,” Perry said.

She added, “We had a wonderful Mother’s Day this morning and then, you know, I turned into Elastigirl. That’s what moms do! They just know how to juggle so hard. Like, do a little brunch and then get into a full latex costume.”

Wandering around lost during the coronation wasn’t the only awkward moment from that weekend that Katy Perry has had to live down. Page Six reports that, on her way out of Westminster Abbey, where the ceremony was held, the musician slipped on the wet sidewalk and almost fell. Cameras managed to capture a snapshot of the hilarious misstep.

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