OnlyFans Model Reveals She’s a Millionaire After Quitting Teaching Job

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A woman who quit her teaching job to stream adult content on OnlyFan says it was a million-dollar decision.

In fact, Courtney Tillia said she’s now made a million bucks solely from her page on the website.

Per TMZ, Tillia has a free page. But it’s the VIP page that is allowing her to rake in all kinds of cash. “No shocker here, but that VIP page featuring nude photos and videos brings in the lion’s share of her income … nearly $750K,” TMZ reported.

Tillia’s free page also has “pay-per-view” content and links to a merchandise store.

Courtney Tillia on Instagram

The OnlyFans model estimated it would have taken her 25 years in her previous role to make $1 million bucks. Tillia was a special ed teacher in Arizona. Here, she’s made it in just a couple of years.

Oh, by the way, she is also married with four kids — and told TMZ that the income from her OnlyFans site has allowed her family to vacation in Nashville and Hawaii. She’s also taken solo trips to Columbia and Jamaica.

Granted, we’re talking about adult content here, and there will come a time, and probably not long, when Tillia won’t be able to make money via her looks. What will Courtney Tillia do then?

Well, that seems to be the million-dollar question.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the owner of OnlyFans has been paid more than a whopping $500 million since they started in 2020. According to Insider, the Ukrainian-American businessman, Leonid Radvisnky, “received dividends amounting to $284m in 2021 and $233m after November 2021.”

In its annual report, it revealed that over two million content creators made almost $4bn in 2021. Content views jumped by 128% year on. year, with the number of content creators rising by $34%.

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