Bigfoot Sighting In Midwest Has People Freaking Out

Bigfoot is real. This video is enough for us… maybe.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Bigfoot is real and he carries around babies.

At least, that’s what some seem to believe after seeing a recent video, captured earlier this month in Michigan. According to some, it shows Bigfoot crossing a river with a baby in its arms.

(YoutTube/Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization)

The video was submitted to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization by a user who goes by “Eddie V.” He claimed his cousin was kayaking in Michigan’s Cass River when he spotted the presumed creature.

Others, of course, have written it off as a hunter, or perhaps fisherman. Whatever it may be, it’s clearly carrying something. Could be a loaf of bread. Could be a football. Or yes, perhaps a baby.

“Not sure what it is, but I have sent it to a few people to see what they say,” Eddie wrote. “Some say it’s Bigfoot carrying baby Bigfoot. Others say it’s Bigfoot carrying a deer.”

Ah yes. A deer. Not only is Bigfoot big, it’s wily and fast enough to snag a doe.

“The Sasquatch Organization zoomed in on the grainy video and slowed it down so viewers could get a better look,” wrote the U.S. Sun. “Indeed, a large brown figure carrying something can be seen moving through the river at a quick pace.”

What is the historical context?

These types of reports are nothing new. Sightings from across the U.S. have been going on for years, perhaps more than most recently. In all, more than 10,000 Americans have claimed to have seen Bigfoot since 1970.

And for Michigan, this is hardly a first.

“In September 2006, something Sasquatch-like was caught on a live stream set up to film a nest of baby eagles. A large, black, human-esque figure can be seen stomping through the forest — before disappearing back into the undergrowth,” the Sun wrote.

Real or not, one thing we can be sure of — tales of wild, hairy humanoids existing throughout the world are highly likely to stomp on.

What do you think?


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  1. looking at the video, if you notice it’s right leg, there is a large what I call FOLD in the hide when it is lifting it’s leg. This is not natural…looks more like a SUIT of some type…obviously human wearing a big foot suit…

  2. If it was human why didn’t they turn to the camera and either wave or walk towards the kayakers. On the other hand it kind of looks like it’s wearing waders and a fishing jacket

  3. Why isn’t anyone mentioning the that the face is blurred out I guess they didn’t want to reveal its identity lol

  4. Looks like the subject is carrying a baby deer. On of the stills in the video dissection shows the head and neck dangling. When they zoom in you can see the ears.

  5. I don’t think this is a BIgfoot at all. If it were he would be taking huge steps through the water as they do on land. This is just a guy in a suit and its clear he has a suit on.

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