If this doesn’t stop you from texting and driving, nothing will YouTube

There are PSAs and then there’s this! In an effort to get the point across about how dangerous it is to text and drive a high school teamed up with their local EMS and Fire Department to stage a recreation of their own students dying in a crash. This is powerful stuff! Make sure you send this off to everyone you know with kids approaching that soon-to-drive age! Most young drivers think they will never be in a terrifying accident, but up to 25% of teens respond to a text message once or more every time they drive.

Many high school students are being exposed to mock crash demonstrations that show the grim details that result from car crashes.  Students may sit in a high school football stadium and see the possible consequences of their casual texting and tweeting. They are put on to scare teens with graphic enactments of what can happen.  Sometimes they also have more of a “don’t drink and drive” theme, and are targeted to those who are about to enjoy prom night.

This video is quite graphic, and is accompanied by haunting music. This type of video appears all of the time, but this might be the one that actually gets through to teens. It is deadly serious and it’s message is hard to ignore. It’s especially effective because it was made with the participation of real high school kids.

Texting and driving kills someone we love every day. That is the message at the beginning of this video.

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