Watch the insane moment a man vaults over four lanes of Highway 60 on a dirtbike

The California Highway Patrol is looking into a video posted by 24 year-old Kyle Katsandris, dirtbike stunt rider. Footage appears to show a dangerous jump over busy Highway 60 in Moreno Valley in broad daylight; it was posted to Instagram over the weekend.

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Katsandris does not claim to be the rider in the video, but he has a number of similar videos of stunts on his Instagram page.

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Jalopnik reports that California Highway Patrol officers believe the rider likely violated some laws, including reckless driving and driving an off-road motorcycle on the highway. Had the jump gone wrong, innocent drivers could have died (not to mention the rider). However, as the rider is wearing a helmet and the video does not appear to show other identifying details about them, it may be difficult to identify them beyond a reasonable doubt for the purpose of pressing charges.

Crime or not, CALTRANS, the state transportation department, has bulldozed the ramp to keep it from happening again.

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