Robin Williams’ Son Pays Tribute to Late Actor on What Would Have Been 72nd Birthday

Robin Williams died back in 2014, nearly a decade ago. But his movies, comedy bits and general legacy live on.

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His own children are making sure of it, paying tribute to Williams on what would have been his 72nd birthday (July 21).

Most notably, son Zak Williams shared a picture of his father from the movie Good Morning Vietnam on Instagram.

“Happy 72nd Dad!” Zac Williams captioned the photo. “Was remembering how much I used to love that look you’d give. That look with a mischievous, loving grin that your friends and loved ones knew so well. Joyous and curious and wondrous.

“Miss you and love you.”

Zac Williams, 40, is the only child from Robin’s marriage to Valerie Velardi, which ended back in 1988. But he has two half-siblings from the comedian’s second marriage, to Marsha Garces (1989-2010). Robin Williams was married to Susan Schneider from 2011 to the time of his death on August 11, 2014.

This is the third consecutive photo of Robin posted by Zac on Instagram in what would have been the late actor’s birthday. Last year, he posted a photo of Robin in bicycle gear.

“I’ll be remembering you today as you would want to be remembered, in spandex,” Zac wrote at the time. “Miss you and love you always!”

In 2021, Zak posted a black-and-white picture of Robin.

“Dad, on what would be your 70th birthday, I would want you to know that your incredible spirit lives within us,” Zak wrote.

“Our family will be celebrating you and your memory today. We miss you and love you always!”

Along with Good Morning Vietnam, Williams starred in dramas such as The World According to Garp (1982), Moscow on the Hudson (1984), Dead Poets Society (1989), Awakenings (1990), Patch Adams (1998), Insomnia (2002), One Hour Photo (2002), and World’s Greatest Dad (2009). He also starred in family films like Hook (1991), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Jumanji (1995), Jack (1996), Flubber (1997), RV (2006), and the Night at the Museum trilogy (2006–2014). In the event that’s not enough, he lent his voice to the animated films Aladdin (1992), Robots (2005) and Happy Feet (2006).

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  1. There’s an unwritten rule that when you go through the Robin Williams Tunnel just North of the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s unlucky if you don’t say “Nanoo, Nanoo” just to honor the genius and memory of the man for whom the tunnel is named. It’s a small homage and keeps his memory alive in our hearts. Rest easy you rascal!

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