Woman Hit By Roller Coaster Fighting For Life Had Previously Survived Near-Fatal Car Accident

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An Australian woman is fighting for her life after being severely injured in a rollercoaster accident at the Royal Melbourne Show earlier this week.

This after being involved in a near-fatal car accident in January, when she was flung from her vehicle after hitting a truck and a car. In 2019, she was also in another serious car accident.

Shylah Rodden, 26, survived those scary incidents and the hope is she will overcome this one as well.

“In spite of the series of tragedies, the woman shares an appetite for overcoming life’s hiccups,” wrote Meaww.com. “At 18 years old, some friends introduced her to drugs. She even got a tattoo at the time that reads, ‘Live Life Loose.’ However, she turned her life around, got a job and received professional care, and pledged to make better friends.”

Details of the rollercoaster accident are sketchy. Some reports say Rodden was struck by the ride, which travels up to speeds of 45 mph. Others say she was actually on the coaster.

“Victoria Police and workplace safety watchdog WorkSafe are currently investigating the event,” Meaww.com reported. “It is believed that WorkSafe had some concerns around the rollercoaster, which was re-opened days after the incident. The full extent of the criminal charges involved is still unknown.”

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