Footage Shows President Biden Topple Off of Bicycle, White House Issues Update

In the political climate we live in this will be a rush to judgement. Certainly depending on your party allegiance this is either nothing at all, move along or it is clearly a sign the President is in failing health. There will be no middle ground.

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So, before telling you which side to believe, you can decide for yourself. Here is the footage.

The video comes from the twitter account of Senior U.S. Political Reporter for the @DailyMail, Nikki Schwab and is just 11 seconds long but gives a pretty clear picture of the incident.

President Biden crossed the road ahead of his pack crossing at the cross when when he seemingly struggles to come to a stop and topples over.

Another twitter account got a quick update from the President.

his ride turned out to be a bit more eventful than expected.

@POTUS fell off his bike — he said he got his foot caught — but quickly got up and chatted with the pool and Delaware bystanders. He said he will talk to Xi soon and is in the process of making up his mind on tariffs,” was what was posted by Jen Leonard, a White House reporter for Bloomberg News.

The White House has also already released a statement on the situation confirming that the President is okay.

It reads as follows:

“As the President said, his foot got caught on the pedal while dismounting and he is fine,” it read. “No medical attention is needed. The President looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.”

What do you think?

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