Check Out These Amazing, Abandoned Castles Around the World

We could all use a little sightseeing right about now. If for no other reason than distraction.

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Since most of us have not been going anywhere for some time, here is a list of abandoned castles around the world for you to dream about and put on your Pinterest boards for when the world is open again.

These derelict, potentially spooky, and haunted houses spots are also great for planning a seance. If that’s what you’re into.

The Ruins – Talisay City, Philippines

In the Phillippines, this castle was built around the 20th century by a sugar baron, Don Ledesma Lacson. Like the Taj Mahal, it was built for a significant other. In this particular case, Don Ledesma Lacson’s wife. The baron’s wife died while she was pregnant with the couple’s 11th child. In another sad turn of events, it was said to have been burned down to prevent its use as a Japanese base during the second world war.

Aughnanure Castle, Oughterard, Ireland

The 16th-century Aughnanure Castle was built around 1500 by an Irish Gaelic Clan known as the O’Flahertys. They were one of the most wealthy and well-known lord families. You can tour the watchtower, dry harbor, and banquet hall to this day, as it is currently under the Office of Public Works’ management.

Sammezzano Castle – Tuscany, Italy

Sammezzano Castle is breathtakingly beautiful. It was built on land belonging to a 17th-century Spanish nobleman, Ximenes of Aragon. In the Mid 19th century, it was turned into a luxury hotel. That lasted for about a century. In the 1990s, the luxury hotel was finally reduced to nothing more than another abandoned building after the business closed down. It is in the process of being restored, and much of it is already in prime condition.

Heidelberg castle – Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Castle was a residential place where Prince Elector Ruprecht III lived. However, it burned down in 1764, during the 18th century, when lightning struck. However, it wasn’t totally at a loss; the Heidelberg people used the stones to build their own homes. Today, the castle is definitely still an abandoned place, but if you want, it can also be your wedding venue!

Pidhirtsi Castle – Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

This Polish castle was built by the 17th-century military commander, Stanislaw Koniecpolski. It was designed by Andrea del Aqua, a designer from Italy. Inside it housed art and a weapons collection. For a while, it was a part of the kingdom of Poland. Currently, its regarded as one of the most valuable place-garden complexes in the former Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. In the 1800s, the castle was vandalized and slowly crept into a state of disrepair. At its worst, it was a sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis. Beginning in 1997, the restoration process started. Being returned to its art roots, the Pidhirrsi castle is now a part of the Lviv national art gallery.


Bannerman Castle – Beacon, New York

While most of these castles are far away and you can’t visit them anytime soon, if you’re in the United States, you’re in luck! One of these abandoned castles is right in our back yard. It’s just a stone’s throw from New York City on Pollepel Island, situated on the Hudson River. The island is only accessible by boat and was built by a Scottish patriot, Frank Bannerman VI. The castle was ruined by an explosion in 1920. New York bought the Island in 1967.

Criccieth Castle – Gwynedd, Wales

Like many other abandoned places on this list, The Criccieth Castle is no longer inhabitable and is now a popular travel destination. Perfect for that, because it lies between two beaches. Criccieth Castle was built in the 13th century by the prince of Gwynedd, Llywelyn, The Great. In the 15th century, the castle was burned during the Welsh rebellion against the English government.

Spis Castle – Slovakia

The Spis Castle is located in the north-western region of Western Slovakia. In the 15th century, the castle was donated to the Zapolsky family. The palace was renovated with a Gothic style. The last family to own the castle, the Csakys, left the castle derelict. A couple of movies, Dragonheart and The Last Legion used the castle as their filming location!

Chateau de Noisy, Celles, Belgium

The Chateau De Noisy Celles is also known as Miranda castle. It’s in the Namur province of Belgium. Some refer to it as a fairytale castle. Constructed started in 1866 to be a summer home for the Leidekerke de Beaufort family. Later it was a place where the battle of the bulge during World War II would take place. It was also temporarily captured by the Nazis. From the 1950-1970s, it was used as a holiday camp for children with illnesses. In the 90s, it was totally abandoned as it still sits today.

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