GOODBYE GOAT: Ranking the Top 5 Moments Of Legendary QB Tom Brady’s Career

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady #12 in action against the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in Houston, TX. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

Legendary QB Tom Brady announced his official retirement from the NFL this week, marking the end to a miraculous career that professional sports has never seen.

Brady retires with more Super Bowl rings than any franchise in NFL history. The Steelers have 6 championships, the Cowboys and 49ers have 5, and Tom Brady has 7.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

With his career coming to an end, we wanted to take the time to rank Tom Brady’s most impressive games throughout his 23 year career. There are certainly more than enough to choose from.

5. 2001 Super Bowl Victory vs Rams

In his first Super Bowl appearance all the way back in 2001, Brady led a historic game winning drive. Legendary commentator John Madden infamously said that Brady should take a knee, sending the 17-17 game into overtime.

He doubted Brady, a 6th round draft choice only in his sophomore season. He was dead wrong. Brady moved the Patriots into field goal range, securing the franchises first ever Super Bowl Victory. See those highlights HERE...

4. 2014 Super Bowl Victory vs Seahawks

During their decade long championsip drought from 2004-2014, the Patriots had been beaten in the Super Bowl twice by the New York Giants. Once in 2007, and again in 2011. The narrative of those games surrounded the dominance of the New York defense.

In this game, Brady faced a Seahawk Defense that was far better than either of the Giant defenses. Down 10 points in the late 4th quarter, Brady led the Patriots on two scoring drives to win the game.

The blunder by Russel Wilson on the goalline has been what was remembered about this game, overshadowing an all time great performance by Brady. See those highlights HERE…

3. 2020 Super Bowl Victory vs Chiefs

In 2020 the Chiefs held an impressive record of 14-2 heading into the Super Bowl. Brady went 21-29 with 3 TDs in this blowout victory.

It holds a top placement on our list because Brady proved with this victory that he does not need Bill Belichik in order to be a champion. There were tremendous amounts of reports doubting Brady’s ability to win without the ‘Patriot system’. He proved them wrong.

See those highlights HERE…

2. 2018 AFC Championship Win at Arrowhead vs Chiefs

Before heading to his 6th Super Bowl victory against the Rams in 2018, Tom Brady played his best game of the season in a 37-31 overtime victory against the Kansas City Chiefs in their own home stadium.

The underdog Patriots fought for the entire game, and eventually pulled of a miraculous comeback to go to the Super Bowl. Though Mahomes threw for nearly 300 yards and three scores, Brady made the plays to win the game. See those highlights HERE…

1. 25 Point Comeback in 2016 Super Bowl vs Atlanta Falcons

Tom Brady’s immaculate 25 point comeback in Super Bowl 51 saw two starkly contrasting halfs from the Quarterback. After struggling, throwing a pick-six in the final moments of the second half, Brady went on to play the best half of quarterback play that this league has ever seen.

The Patriots stormed back down 28-3. With virtually no run game support during the entirety of the game, Brady was forced to drop back a whopping 62 times. He completed 43 of those passes.

He threw for 433 yards, with two touchdowns and just one interception. Relive that unbelievable comeback in the video here.

With the greatest of all time finally saying goodbye to the field, NFL fans everywhere can only be thankful for the great memories and moments that Tom gave us over the years.

No matter what team you support, Brady was always interesting to watch. His victories and achievements will probably never be surpassed.

No player in professional sports history has played at a higher level for longer than Tom Brady. He says goodbye as the most successful athlete in the history of American sports.

Thanks Tom!

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