Sam Smith Accused of Performing ‘Satanic Ritual’ at the Grammy’s

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Good lord, conservatives have been having quite a ball with this one. Several conspiracy theorists have expressed their fears that Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday was part of a sick “satanic ritual.” Basically, these people think that they sold their souls for their latest performance, which in itself sounds insane, but we’ll run with it.

During the performance of their hit Grammy-winning song “Unholy,” the stage pretty much lit up with red lighting, pyrotechnics, and dancers performing inside metal cages. Smith was seen wearing a hat with horns, which further triggered the speculation.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

‘Unholy’ Performance?

Madonna went on to introduce Smith before their performance saying “are you ready for a little controversy.” “Here’s what I’ve learned after four decades in music. If they call you shocking, scandalous, troublesome, problematic, provocative or dangerous, you are definitely onto something.”

The performance in itself was pretty great, but after the ceremony, several conspiracy theories and conservatives called them “evil” on social media. Republican Senator Ted Cruz went on to retweet several tweets of Smith’s performance calling it “satanic.”

“This is… evil,” he commented on his retweet of a post by conservative Liz Wheeler, in which she stated: “Don’t fight the culture wars, they say. Meanwhile demons are teaching your kids to worship Satan. I could throw up.”

Politicians React

Matt Walsh, who is also a right-wing political commentator, went on to say, “It’s not surprising to see a Satanic ritual at the Grammy’s. Satanism is the worship of the self. Much of modern pop music is satanic in this sense. Leftism is satanism. The only change is that now they’re being more explicit about it.”

But, to try to calm everyone in the audience and at home, Trevor Noah, who hosted the show, joked about what had happened. Pretending to call his mom, the former late-night host stated, “No mum, it wasn’t the actual devil… Yeah, you did warn me about Hollywood,” he said sitting next to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Smith and Petras went on to win the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance, with Petras becoming the first ever transgender woman to receive the award.

What do you think, is it really satanic? I don’t think so, I think it was a great performance. But hey, who am I to tell you what a think?

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  1. I thought it was disgusting. Too sexy ,too much nudity for young kids that I’m sure were watching. How sad. Also sadly Newsoms wife is making millions off of showing Naked woman to junior high students in California public school s,while parents are at work. Do the parents know this?, did the parents sign a waiver. .

  2. And yet you would not have let someone portray Jesus in a video on your show but its ok to portray satan? That’s the point!!! You say religious freedom. You say racial freedom. You say lots of things. It’s what you do that shows who you really are. satan is a nobody. He can’t even breathe without God’s permission! Y’all worship a nobody. You pretend to be a nobody. It’s so sad.

  3. Demonically evil and you wonder why , we r such a violent whorish nation full of violence. Sad, to them , it is about their fame and money. I pity their children , having parents as such. Who think nothing of this.

  4. I thought it was disgusting.So very inappropriate.Life is going to hell. People are so in need of hope and Jesus. Our children are need people who are uplifting them ,not this. It looked like it was show for Satan. Please let a one and done. It s hard I know,but let’s really try,for our children 🤔

  5. The whole of show business is getting bolder with showing their true colors. There has always been a high degree of corruption in the entertainment industry, and now the cancel culture and woke are having a hayday! Anything goes … as long as it is morally corrupt, but woah to anything that might hint at “real” goodness. I acually feel nauseous with what our children and teens are seeing as the going norm! Our nation has become so morally bankrupt its frightening! Im afraid we’ve turned a very sharp corner and there’s no going back…. eyes wide open folks… peace

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