Our parents always told us that video games were different than real life, especially in regard to driving games. Based on this video from the YouTube channel Facts., we certainly hope that’s the case. They had a bunch of surgeons try their steady hands at a computer heart transplant simulator. The results were bloody.

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From issues with the game engine itself to quibbles with the game’s realism (it’s true that there aren’t normally beverages in the operating room), none of the surgeons really got off to a great start. All of them ended up with a blurred screen from self-inflicted wounds, so it’s safe to say the transplants went poorly, to say the least.

“Smashy, smashy, smashy. He doesn’t need these ribs after I’m done with it, it’s fine.”

“This is disastrous. He’s definitely gonna die.”

Well, at least they tried.

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