Woman Requests Men Interested in Dating Her to Write 500-Word Essays


A single mom garnered quite a bit of attention when she asked for 500-word essays from candidates on a dating-app.

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Lauren Kempton, 36, added a humorous challenge to her profile on Hinge after one too many matches turned out to be duds. She asked interested men to write a 500-word essay describing “how you will not waste any time.”

“I’ve had mostly really bad experiences with the dating apps,” Kempton said, according to the Daily Mail. “The culture of dating online is shocking.” While she admitted that the essay was meant to be taken as “a bit of a joke,” the Portsmouth mom-of-one did get some interesting replies.

“At the time, the request did elicit some good conversations — because you’re already saying you’re not going to put up with time-wasters,” Kempton explained.

Lauren’s Essay Question Got a Unique Response

Although her creative tactic didn’t lead her to Mr. Right, there was a reply that seemed very promising at first. One man not only wrote Kempton an essay, but also included a PowerPoint presentation!

“I am a big fan of knowing where I stand with people,” read the suitor’s response. “If you like me, let me know, if you don’t, let me know. This would ensure that Lauren’s time is not wasted on dating someone that there is no connection or spark with.”

Sadly, Kempton did not end up forming a connection with the hopeful candidate when they met in person. Despite this, she doesn’t regret her experiment.

“It’s a good way of getting people to show their humorous side, and spend a bit of time making an effort,” she said. “It shows you who they are and that they have read your profile and understand your humor.”

Lauren Kempton Has Also Looked for Love on TV


Catching up on last nights Romeo and Duet and reliving my experience! So proud of all my friends I met who sang last night! ❤️ #FYP #walkthemoon #shutupanddance #singer #music #itv

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In 2022, Lauren Kempton combined her musical theater experience and her quest for the perfect partner on ITV’s reality dating show, Romeo and Duet.

“It was described to me as a mix of Blind Date and The Voice,” she said, according to Portsmouth newspaper, The News.

Currently, Kempton is still single. The Daily Mail reports that she’s no longer looking for love online.

“I needed a new tactic so I’m not really on the apps any more,” she said. “If I cant get what I want out of the apps, I figured it will happen when it’s supposed to.”

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  3. I hope she opens her 500-word contest again. I would appreciate the chance to earn a date with her. Of course she will have to ride my motorcycle on a 5000-mile journey during our date.

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