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The rise of Twitter to cultural prominence gives everyone the opportunity to interact directly with the famous and the powerful (and vice-versa, as the president-elect has shown repeatedly). Perhaps even stranger is the phenomenon of brand Twitter accounts, which represent companies and their products. What does it even mean to talk to a company? Don’t they just respond in empty corporate platitudes anyway? Well, one Twitter user found out the hard way that you should be careful what company you trash talk on Twitter. You just might get burned in front of half the internet.

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Twitter user NHride took issue with the burger chain’s claim that they never freeze their burger beef, apparently not seeing how it would be possible to keep the meat from spoiling without freezing it. While the Wendy’s account initially tried to placate NHride, they eventually struck back with a pithy tweet reminding the irate user that refrigerators are not some new alien technology.

Harsh, but fair.