Man Who Used Cooler as Life Raft Near Australia Wanted for Alleged Cocaine Haul

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It started as a nice rescue story out of Australia. Three men were floating on a cooler, using it to survive after their fishing boat had capsized in the water.

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Days later, the boat was discovered, miles from where the men had been found. At the time of the discovery, the 23-foot vessel had been floating upside-down.

Well, once investigators got the boat out of the water, they found eight packages — each containing large amounts of cocaine.

Now, two of the men involved in the boating accident are wanted for questioning as it relates to the cocaine that was in the boat. The third is already in custody.

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“We are also appealing for anyone else to call us if they have information to help us find the men, or know anything about this drug importation,” said Australian Federal Police Force acting commander Graeme Marshall in a statement.

“The AFP estimates this seizure has saved the community more than $235 million in drug-related harm, including associated crime, healthcare and loss of productivity.”

Given the amount of cocaine discovered the men were likely to use it for nationwide distribution, Marshall added.

The two suspects are 49 and 45 years old, and believed to be from Western Australia.

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