Bono’s Daughter Has Been Acting For Over 15 Years!

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Despite the fact that U2 frontman Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono, is one of the most famous rock stars of all time, he and his wife, Ali Hewson, did not want their children to go into show business. However, not only has their son Elijah Hewson followed in his father’s footsteps by starting a band, Inhaler. Their daughter Eve Hewson has been acting for over fifteen years. She’s recently received attention for her starring role as Adele in the Netflix psychological thriller Behind Her Eyes. As well as the miniseries The Luminaries running on Starz in the United States.

Bono Is a Rock Star and A Family Man

Paul Hewson and Ali Stewart met as teenagers at the  Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, Ireland, per The Independent. They began dating when he was 16 and she was 15. Right around the same time the band that was to become U2 formed. Thanks to a note left on a Mount Temple bulletin board by drummer Larrry Mullen, Jr. Hewson started going by the name “Bono” in the late 1970s after receiving the nickname as part of a tradition within the “surrealist street gang” he joined as a teenager. It is a shortened version of “Bono Vox of O’Connell Street. Bono reportedly disliked the name until he learned that “Bono Vox” was a version of the Latin phrase “bonavox,” or “good voice.”

Bono and Ali Stewart married in 1982 at the Old Guinness Church of Ireland in Raheny. They were both were just 22 years old. U2 bassist Adam Clayton served as best man. Ali has done extensive work as an activist for organizations such as Greenpeace and Chernobyl Children International. She also co-founded the fashion label EDUN, telling Heyoka Magazine “We wanted to show that you can make a for-profit business where everybody in the chain is treated well.” 

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The Stewarts’ first child, Jordan, was born in 1989 and went on to study at Columbia University in New York. He found the company Speakable, which “utilizes technology to make civic engagement easier to be a part of,” per Closer Weekly. Their second daughter, Memphis Eve Sunny Day Iris Hewson, was born in 1991. She left Ireland when she was 18 to study at New York University before making her way to Hollywood to pursue acting.

Their first son, Elijah Hewson, was born in 1999. He formed the pop band Inhaler in 2015 and, like his father, is a lead singer. Ali Hewson has expressed pride in Elijah’s following in Bono’s footsteps. She told the Irish Mirror: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I am just so happy for them, each one of them, you just hope they find their way and this is his first love and it is great to see him find his way.” The last Hewson child, John Hewson, was born in 2001 and has stayed out of the spotlight thus far. 

From Ireland To New York To Hollywood

Eve Hewson was determined to study acting in college. Despite the fact that her parents wanted her to go to a regular college. In an interview with the Irish Times, Hewson shared “I wanted to be a real actor, you know like Meryl Streep and go to grad school … my parents said you can only apply to Tisch [New York University’s famous school of the arts] and you probably won’t get it, so good luck.”

She did get in, and spent four “challenging” years there before heading for Los Angeles. She made her motion picture debut in 2008 in The 27 Club. She went on to star with Sean Penn in the 2011 movie This Must Be The Place. She also appeared as Nurse Lucy Elkins in Steven Soderbergh’s Cinemax series The Knick from 2014 to 2015. A role in Bridge of Spies alongside Tom Hanks followed and she played Maid Marian in 2018’s Robin Hood.

She told the Irish Times that she has particularly enjoyed her campy, over-the-top role in Behind Her Eyes. “I’ve never played a character I was allowed to go so big with. I usually get really great, dramatic, grounded roles that are very true to life…I’ve never worked with a director who pushed me to embrace the strange. I have a more offbeat, twisted taste in the stories I like to tell and the characters I like to play,” she stated. Her next project is currently a secret, but Hewson revealed that it is an Irish role to be filmed in her home country and that she’s excited to return home for an extended period of time.

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