Woman’s Reaction to Seeing Beyoncé Takes the Internet by Storm—and We Can See Why

At the annual Grammy awards last week, Beyoncé made history scoring her her 28th wi — making her the most awarded woman in Grammys history. (She’s currently tied with Quincy Jones for the most-awarded person, period.) It’s clear that even after decades in the spotlight, Beyoncé still manages to captivate a nation of fans. Just this weekend, on Saturday Night Live, host Maya Rudolph spoofed Queen Bey’s constant state of perfection in imagining the singer having a total meltdown while eating hot wings

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So it seems like the perfect time to remember this relatable internet moment, when a starstruck fan  was spotted in the background of the superstar’s picture. The pop singer had posted a few pics of herself and hubbie Jay-Z, in various fabulous moments back at the 2018 Grammys.

But fans located another person of interest in one of the pictures in Beyoncé’s post.

They found the woman’s look of shock more than relatable.




Others focused on the fact that the woman remained in the picture, despite the crop feature on Instagram.


Some didn’t see the woman’s face until much later.

Either way, we hope she’s recovered from the interaction.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Jan 29, 2018. 

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