This crazy Kruger Sightings video — which was recorded in South Africa’s Kruger National Park — depicts a potentially lethal encounter between a curious lion and a Toyota.

The footage, according to a description on, was captured by Sean Obeirne, who was  in a nearby vehicle with his family on their way to breakfast. “The drive up to the point where we encountered the lions was fairly uneventful with very few sightings,” Obeirne said.

However, the trip took a surprising turn and car encountered a pride of lions. Obeirne and his family decided to stick around and observe the lions, and some other cars followed suit.

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“After maybe half an hour at the sighting, a young male lion approached a car at the sighting and it was much to my younger brother and my amusement,” he said. But then something remarkable occurred:

In the midst of our childish jokes, there was an almighty bang and the lion investigating the car ran off in fright. It took a second to register what had happened but once we had, the intensity of laughter tripled. We laughed and laughed, and only after a monumental giggling session did we [realize] that perhaps this situation was not so funny for occupants of the affected vehicle. We then went over to investigate and offer a helping hand.

The damaged car happened to belong to a familiar face: a schoolmate of Obeirne’s. Of course, Obeirne’s father helped them change their tire — making the family three-and-a-half hours late for breakfast.

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