Mama bison scoffs at coyote’s attempt to harm her newborn calf Twitter/@YellowstoneNPS/Ranger Joy Guffy
Twitter/@YellowstoneNPS/Ranger Joy Guffy

When a coyote approached her newborn calf, a mama bison took matters into her own hands.

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In a series of pictures posted on Yellowstone’s Twitter account, shot by ranger Joy Guffy, the bison’s mothering — or is it smothering? — instinct kicks in and she shows the coyote who’s boss.

At first, the coyote aggressively approaches the baby. But the bison-mom won’t have any of it, circling the coyote and protectively sheltering the baby, until, in the last photo, the coyote cowers in the corner of the frame, at a safe distance away.

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This is one mama who qualifies for Mother of the Year.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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