Smeagol the hairless cat was a little more than freaked out when his owner comes rolling into the room with a monster mask on trying to freak him out. As you might expect, Smeagol is not happy to see the strange creature approaching him

To tell the truth, the cat itself kind of scares me.  It’s probably a Canadian Sphynx, a breed that got started when a cat in Ontario gave birth to a hairless kitten. Breeders jumped on board and now these cats are not uncommon. They’re not really bald, rather they have downy fuzz that makes them feel like suede. And yet, they still have whatever it is that causes some people to be allergic to them. They have been found to be some of the friendliest cats around, probably because they need humans to protect them and care for them.

And what is that sound? If you watch a lot of videos you’ll find that lots of Sphynx cats make weird noises. Who knew that was a thing?

There is a huge amount of information available about how do deal with an anxious or frightened cat.  Here’s a helpful hint from this pet lover: don’t TRY to scare them on purpose.

This cat has his own YouTube channel, where his owners upload videos of him in all sorts of situations.

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