A baby emu and two demure basset hounds have formed the most unlikely friendship — and it’s just as adorable as it sounds

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We love unlikely animal friendships, like the one depicted in this adorable video.

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Like most animals, Emus are way cuter as babies than they are as adults. But the difference in their case is quite substantial. Adult emus are dangerous, horrifying beasts. But the babies are harmless little birdies!

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Basset hounds a different though. Sure, they’re cute as puppies. But as they mature, they start to look dopier and dopier by the year. They don’t behave dopey, they just look dopey. They’re very smart animals, but boy do they look demure. It’s hard to get a basset hound excited, which makes the basset hounds in this video all the more noteworthy.

They seem genuinely excited to have a flightless baby-bird as their new buddy. Let’s hope the little emu doesn’t grow up too fast,

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