Chris Pratt isn’t fluent in German, but he can use it to tell a filthy joke

YouTube screenshot -- Conan, Chris Pratt tells German joke

If you took a second language course in your grammar school days, you may remember the fun of trying to figure out how to swear in a new tongue. Sure, polite questions and basic greetings are more broadly applicable in everyday encounters, but the last thing you’d want is to be in a tiff somewhere in a faraway land and not know how to talk trash to your foe. Chris Pratt, practical man that he is, can’t converse in German, but he does know how to tell a dirty joke, which he kindly translated during an appearance on “Conan.”

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While we can’t comment on the intelligibility of his German, Pratt certainly sells the joke. We won’t spoil it, but it involves a conversation between a boy and his grandfather, which centers around an incident with a pig. For the most part, your legacy isn’t really up to you.

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