Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco rips apart men who coordinate choreographed groomsmen dances

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco appeared on Conan O’Brian’s show recently where he performed a brief stand up set, centered around weird social media trends.

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There is one in particular that has un intrigued: coordinated choreographed groomsmen dances at weddings.

“This seems to be a popular video. Somebody goes to a wedding, and somebody posts a video of the groom and the groomsmen doing a choreographed dance for the bride,” he tells the audience

“I got married three years ago, I couldn’t get my groomsmen to go get the tuxedo fitted. Let alone come to my house….” he says, doing dance moves to suggest learning a dance routine.

“Who’s got the time. These are men in their thirties, you’ve got to call your buddies and ask them to do that. How does that work?”

“Hy Frank, listen, I’m getting married, I’m thinking midway through the wedding, after the dessert, we come out to Timberlake, ease into Chris Brown–WHAT?!”

“I”ve got two jobs and a family,” he joked.

These types of videos were very popular on the internet for a time. Groomsmen would dance to the Backstreet Boys, 90’s medleys or pop medleys.

Exhibit A:

We’ll let you decide just how embarrassing this is.

What do you think?

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