Dave Chappelle’s car commercial parody is still hilarious after all these years


In 2003, Mitsubishi released this video to advertise the 3G Eclipse. In the ad, a woman is dancing in a car erratically as a car drives along a street at night.

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Dave Chappelle parodied this ad by driving around a similar woman in a Mitsubishi and then dropping her off by the side of the road when he gets freaked out by her dancing.

“All that crazy dancing was making my penis go soft,” he said as he drives away.

Then, Chappelle gives the dancing woman another try, as he drives around with a woman doing very erotic dancing as opposed to the flying limbs from before.

“That is what I call dancing,” Chappelle said to the new girl. “You shoulda seen the girl who was sitting here before you.”

He then spots her and drives through a puddle right next to her, all the while the new girl twerks next to him.

Then it cuts to the beginning of the show where Chapelle reveals there was a blooper of him and the second dancer, where her erotic dancing resulted in a wardrobe malfunction that Chappelle appreciated.

He then shows slow-motion of the malfunction, focusing on his face as her breast pops out of her shirt.

“You know the worst part about that? I felt guilty afterward like I did that with my mind.”

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