Driving lesson ends in tears when terrified little tyke pops a sweet wheelie

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you really think about it, driving is one of the most insane every day activities. Cars are fragile containers made of glass and metal and other sharp stuff that really hurts when it comes into contact with human flesh — they’re deathtraps!

Now that we’ve established what a scary activity driving is, we can enjoy this video of a little kid scaring the bejesus out of itself after accidentally popping a sweet wheelie in his child-sized car. Luckily, this little dude’s car is made of plastic.

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The video begins innocently enough. The tyke is driving his car around a make-shift racetrack having a blast. But then he surprises himself with his own stunt driving skills and pops a mean wheelie that lasts way too long and causes an epic freakout.

He may not have enjoyed it, but it was one impressive wheelie. Well done, kid.


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