“SNL” star Kate McKinnon and 16 time WWE Champion John Cena joined “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon for a game called “True Confessions” on an episode of the NBC late night show.

“True Confessions” is a similar game to Fallon’s “Box Of Lies,” but instead of trying to guess whether their opponents are telling the truth about what’s in their box, they have to guess whether the person is telling the truth about a random (and sometimes raunchy) personal confession. The game takes place in a makeshift detective’s interrogation room, which adds to the hilarity.

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“Kate and I are about to play a game of deception,” a rather dastardly sounding Fallon told the audience right as Cena started drinking from his paper prop coffee cup. “Don’t drink that! It’s a prop! This is supposed to be like a detectives’ office!” Fallon yelled. This made Cena spit out the unknown liquid, which he then jokingly claimed was “urine.”

The wrestler-turned-movie-star then was unsure about going first, but he bit the bullet and revealed his first — potentially false — confession: “I was once hit by a car while riding my bike, and the driver was my girlfriend.” Fallon and McKinnon then had 60 seconds to interrogate Cena and attempt to figure out whether he was lying or not.

“If this is a lie, this guy should win an Oscar,” Fallon claimed, convinced Cena was being truthful. Next it was Fallon’s turn, who confessed, “I made out with Gwyneth Paltrow during an ‘SNL’ sketch.”

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Being one of the most popular current “SNL” stars, McKinnon had a lot of questions for Fallon and his claim. Her own confession was less raunchy, but still funny.

Both stars were also guests on the same episode, where they chatted to Fallon about upcoming projects.



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