Police Report of Man Pulled Over for Texting Has the Internet Hysterically Laughing — and Us, Too!

We all know, it’s illegal to simultaneously operate a car and a phone unless you have a hands-free device. But, like every other person who owns a phone and a car, that didn’t stop a man from trying to get out a ticket by claiming he was just texting and needed to find the correct emoji to send.

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Call it “The Emoji Defense” or “The Laughing Emoji Defense.” We’ll call it “just plain stupid.” But, people on the internet love these kinds of things, so yes, needless to say, folks found the excuse laughable. Police in Merseyside, well, they didn’t beg to differ, either.

The Emoji Defense

The man, who was also not wearing a seatbelt, was hardly innocent. The Roads Policing Unit even found the best way to illustrate this driver’s idiocy, which only drew more laughs from the Twitterverse.

Going viral in a matter of hours, Twitter was quick to give props to the man for ‘trying’ to justify his actions. The driver, who was in a Ford Fiesta was given six points at a hefty $250 fine. Definitely not worth the emoji, my man.

This post was originally published on January 24, 2018.

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