President Trump confronts protesters and gets called out by a little girl in this hilarious clip from “The President Show”

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This clip is taken from a recent episode of Comedy Central’s “The President Show,” which stars comedian and Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik as the current president.

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In character, Atamanuik attends the The Tax March on Washington — which took place in the nation’s capital on April 15 — and interacts with some of the protesters.

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Later on in the clip, Atamanuik’s Trump takes to the stage to address a large group of protesters. In classic Trump fashion, he begins by addressing how impressive the size of the crowd is, before launching into a tirade on his taxes.

“I told Jared to shred my taxes, but I thought shred was Yiddish for collate,” he jokes.

The video also features a moment in which a little girl tells Trump that he’s “a disgrace to the world” —  a moment which seemingly fooled a large number of Twitter users who believed that she was talking to the real president.

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