These cringe-worthy, no good, awful Tinder pick up lines will make you laugh in the face of dating

There’s a distinct feeling of despair that lingers for hours, sometimes even days, after a bad date. Maybe she got a little too drunk and told you about a one-night stand that ended in a trip to CVS for Plan B, or maybe he riddled you with one too many tales about his college days in SAE when he blacked out “so hard” and woke up on a park bench. No matter what the unsavory scenario, the end result is the same: dating is the worst.

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But rest assured that no matter how bad your date was, someone out there is experiencing far worse behavior — and absolutely nothing compares to the absurd messages people receive on the popular dating app Tinder. Some of these messages are so foul that an Instagram account was born to document their absurdity. @Tindernightmares is the “unspirational” account any single person needs in their life in order to feel better about the love landscape. This account is, in a word, glorious.

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Pick up lines can be great ice breakers, especially when delivered with the perfect tone. But online apps are not a great place for them, given that you can’t even accurately interpret the tone of the sentence. Sometimes a valiant attempt is met with sympathy and a round of applause for effort, but sometimes the pick-up line is so downright creepy and forward that all you can do is take your forehead to your palm and log out of the app.

These poor souls tried and failed.

Carry on, humanity. Carry on!

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