This grandma thought she was eating a normal cookie, but she was in store for a surprise

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you walk into a house and see some cookies, you’re going to eat one, right? You might want to reconsider doing that after what happened to this grandma.

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She walked into the house late at night and found some cookies, so she ate part of one. Only they weren’t normal cookies, they were pot cookies.


In this hilarious video capturing grandma “high as a kite,” she is seen singing, talking about eating a cookie and laughing. A lot.

“This is the weirdest experience I have ever had,” she says amidst contagious laughter.

Her grandson records the whole experience, and assures her it won’t go to CBS or ABC. Someone should have told him about Rare.

So next time you see a cookie, you might want to find out what’s in it before eating it, or you might end up like this grandma.

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