This teacher was in for a hilariously awkward time after asking kindergarteners to name words ending in “an”

Some kindergarten students have amazing vocabularies, as Mr. D discovers in this Season Six teaser clip posted to YouTube promoting the new season that premieres Oct. 11. According to the YouTube description, Gerry Duncan is only qualified to teach gym class but is instead hired in the social studies department of the prestigious Xavier Academy.

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After he asks the class to share words that end in the letters “an,” a student shouts “lesbian!”

“What is a lesbian, sir?” she asks. And that’s when things turn south.

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He tries explaining to the little boy why he can never be a lesbian, no matter what.

“No fair!”

Mr. D just wants move on, suggesting they move to words ending in “on.”

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“PROSTITUTION!” another student shouts.

Kids say the darnedest things … and are always so full of questions!

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