Watch The Slow Mo Guys use bowling balls to destroy stuff — with the help of The Blue Man Group

The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube - Screenshot

The Slow Mo Guys have returned, and this time they’ve teamed up with the Blue Man Group to destroy stuff with bowling balls for this ridiculously satisfying video.

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The first thing the lads attempt to destroy is a big block of Jell-O. However, this doesn’t quite go according to plan, and the bowling ball they drop on to the Jell-O block just bounces off. It does look really cool in slow motion though — despite the lack of destruction.

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Next, with a little help from the blue guys, they destroy a tower of martini glasses that have been filled with various colors of paint. In real time, the whole thing happens very quickly. But in slow mo, the carnage can be truly savored.

We can’t wait to see more videos from The Slow Mo Guys and look forward to seeing who they collaborate with in the future.

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