One grandpa’s lack of success on “Wheel of Fortune” will give you a million green reasons to scream helplessly into your computer or phone screen, but for the sake of your vocal cords and employment, try not to unleash a string of loud curses when you see it.

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Contestant Grandpa Frank went on the show for their “Grandparents Week” with his granddaughter Laurel. In the final round, Frank found himself in the “food & drink” category. It was a difficult guess but Frank settled with “fried zucchini” — seems like a good guess and the only logical answer, right?

What would your guess be? (YouTube/spartya19)

Unfortunately for Grandpa Frank, the gods of the wheel were not looking favorably on him. Instead of “fried zucchini,” the actual answer was “baked zucchini.” And though they’re basically the same thing with the exception of a few extra calories, close, as they say, only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades. And Frank was out of a few bucks.

So close, Frank! (YouTube/spartya19)

But the real kicker — the gut punch that may have you doubting your deity — is the money that Grandpa Frank lost out on. Host Pat Sajak eloquently declares “ahh, yi-yi-yi-yi, that hurt. Now we don’t want to see the million, but we did,” before opening the card to reveal the prize that Frank will never get — one. million. dollars. That’s four million gumballs. And while we could write books about the disappointment Frank must be feeling, his face says it all:


Here’s a closer look at that brutalizing agony.


But Frank and Laurel’s trip to the wheel wasn’t entirely fruitless. They did manage to make away with $26,203, but as Sajak announces their winnings, Frank clearly gazes off into the distance, where somewhere, a million dollars has eluded him and the gods of the wheel are laughing from their sadistic thrones.

We love you, Frank (YouTube/spartya19)

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