When this girl noticed a harmless bird hiding on her balcony, her reaction was hysterically excessive

YouTube - Geoff R Groves - Screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Some people are easily spooked. An unexpected sound can cause them scream and leap into the air before fleeing in the opposite direction. The girl in this video — uploaded to YouTube by Geoff R Groves — is one of those people.

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It’s a short video that begins with the girl searching her balcony. The title of the video is “Girl hears rumours of pigeon on balcony,” so we have to assume that she was looking for the pigeon that ends up terrifying her, which makes her reaction all the more hilarious. She knew there was a pigeon hiding on her balcony, so she went to look for it, then she screams and evacuates the vicinity the second she lays eyes on it.

Although we can’t say we blame her, pigeons are disgusting.

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